CrystalCommerce is a start-up E-commerce SaaS company based in North of Seattle.
As a major contributor for the project
my role ranges from brand design, visual design, layout, development, and content.

My Role

Web Design & Development

My role in this project was to redesign the whole website and write marketing content for Creative Services area of the company. I created a design style guide for the website, lead and manage the project by creating user stories and action items. I managed to deliver weekly sprint deliverables on an Agile approach.

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Brand identity

I worked with designers and the CEO to identify areas in CrystalCommerce brand that needs update for better representation offline and online. Re-designing the Logo is one of the areas that I worked on. From a complicated, 6+ colors associated with the logo— I created a 4 color vector logo that are easily used for digital and print marketing assets, clarity on the icon representation of the brand, and clean approach to visual identity and design.

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I learned about the buyer's journey. I worked with the marketing and business development team to write product content about CrystalCommerce Creative Services such as the ecommerce store hosting and graphic design services. As the Design Team Lead and extensive knowledge about the product I supported the marketing team to write content about Webstore and Design Services that I used on the Webstore page. Brand and product keywords are also identified for SEO.

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Challenge #1: Sales & Marketing

“The sales team is able to talk to website users and often treat them as leads. This is because the messaging and the content was not able to fully educate and communicate the real value of the products and services the company provides. A good amount of time is spent on unhealthy leads.”

Challenge #2: Operations

“The current process does not seem to be automated. When the lead comes on the website as a user, Sales team, manually add their information to the internal database. There is no workflow or tasks assigned to the internal teams.”

Challenge #3: Webmasters

“The website content and the visual representation of products and services is outdated and seem to be following old design patterns. The screenshots are not accurate as the company continues to update the internal systems for its members. There is no version control and there is no way of knowing who updated the landing pages and design as the in-house designer go straight to FTP to update files.”


Goal #1: Sales & Marketing

“Being able to drive traffic, engage prospects, generate leads, and re-engage existing customers with marketing landing pages that educate and communicates the value that future members will get from CrystalCommerce. Having a validation of leads generated by the websites is also a must have and a necessary step of the process to help and support the Sales team.”

Goal #2: Operations

“Be able to automate the sign-up process by integrating CRM software the company is currently using. We want to streamline and automate workflows and tasks using HubSpot and be able to delegate steps of the automated process to internal teams.”

Goal #3: Webmasters

“We want to be able to simplify and optimize content updates and website management by having a private repository of the marketing website in GitHub. Because we have more than one designer in-house, we want to make sure that the internal team has the ability to update the website easily.”






“Niquee took a fuzzy group of ideas from Dan and me for the CrystalCommerce website and the GAMA landing page, and made them concrete and beautiful. Way to go Niquee!”

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